Are you ready for Spring?

Provide a smooth start to your seeding this year.

The Rite Way Harrow 

Is Available For Rent!

Renting lets you save money and get access to new, well-maintained equipment.

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Rake and level the ground

The Rite Way Heavy Harrow is engineered to prepare your field for what's to come. The Rite Way is reliable and efficient, having a reputation to consistently follow the unique profile of any field.


  • Auto folding system
  • Even pressure tine system
  • Adjustable hitch height
  • Auto-locking draft arms
  • Accommodating transport

Break up trash and residue

Rake and level the ground. Spread and break up trash and residue.

Provide optimal seeding conditions

Eliminate sprayer tracks that cause plugging

Rite Way Heavy Harrow

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Tough 28" Hydraulic Tine Adjust

Field to transport in just minutes

Rite Way Harrow Features

" I harrow to spread straw in the spring to stop it sticking to the mud. Harrowing helps ready the land for the seeder, and eliminates sprayer tracks that can cause plugging during seeding. "

Fairview Farmer

Watch the Rite Way

Harrow in action

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